Looking for Kettlebell Personal Training in Twickenham?

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Looking for Kettlebell Personal Training in Twickenham?

The Kettlebell serves as versatile fitness tool that we use with our to speed up the metabolism. Combining cardiovascular and strength training in one fitness tool makes the workout surprisingly challenging.

Historically the Kettlebell was developed by Russia in the 1700s, although some reports say that the first Kettlebells were found in Athens, Greece.
It’s documented that  the soviet army used kettlebells as part of their strength and conditioning routine.

Today, Kettlebells can be seen in gyms worldwide as well as Kettlebell sport competitions that require strength, power, skill and endurance. Kettlebell Sport Lifters are required to complete as many repetitions for as long as 10 minutes.

Kettlebell sizes range from 4kg to 48kg, because a kettlebell is shaped differently than a dumbbell, an 8kg kettlebell can actually feel a bit heavy or awkward. This is because the kettlebell’s center of mass is extended farther out from your body, so it can be tougher to handle and maneuver – which is one reason why kettlebells can be so effective at improving your strength, balance, and explosiveness.

Benefits of using kettlebells –

Fat loss
Combines cardio and strength training
You don’t get bored
Improves flexibility
Improves Posture
Strengthens lower back
Compact and portable

Kettlebells are an excellent tool to add into your current regime.

If you’re interested in learning how to use Kettlebells, please contact us with your enquiry and we’ll have one of our personal trainers teach you the correct technique. 

Looking for Kettlebell Personal Training in Twickenham?