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In the summer I joined a new gym and I spent the summer learning how to do Olympic Weightlifting!

I didn’t have a coach or a team but I spent hours watching videos. I’ve always been lucky enough to have the co-ordination, flexibility and understanding to be able to mimic the movement however this type of training is another type of animal!

One of the most technical sports I’ve tried to do, very difficult to get right but so satisfying when you do. Honestly, I still don’t have the technique right but it’s all a work in progress.

Being a personal trainer, I’ve been lucky enough to meet a few strength coaches that took me through some of the movements. For those who don’t know anything about Olympic weightlifting, there are only two lifts that competitors have to perform, the snatch and the clean and jerk. Athletes have 3 attempts for each lift and for it to be successful you have to be able to stand still and hold the weight locked out above your head.

Coaches/lifters can put down their opening lift but they can change this depending if the other competitors have already lifted a higher amount.

For those who are deciding on whether to get a weightlifting shoe such as Addidas Adi powers, Reebok Crossfit Lifter or Nike Romaleo, I would recommend getting any type of shoe. The shoes help by raising the height of the heel, most people have bad ankle mobility so it makes it very difficult to squat with your hands over your head and sit low at the same time. When you raise the heel, it will give your ankles the extra mobility allowing you to keep an upright position in a fairly deep overhead squat position.
Some people swear by the Nike Romaleos, I haven’t tried them out but it’s probably looking like they’ll be my next pair.

How many pair of weightlifting shoes do you have? I only have one and I think that’s sufficient but I’ve seen YouTubers with 4-5 pairs.

Lifting shoes aren’t the cheapest, I think the Nike Romaleos are £179! I’d go for the cheapest just to figure out if the sport is right for you and then upgrade. If anyone happens to go to China and reads this blog, try and get a pair of the Anta weightlifting shoes. The Chinese Olympic weightlifting team were sponsored by them and they had a custom pair of Gold weightlifting shoes made for their athletes. There was a review that I read comparing the Nike Romaleo and the Anta Weightlifting Shoe and reviewer preferred the Anta weightlifting shoe compared to the Nike.

Below is the weightlifting series that I recorded, as I didn’t have a coach, filming myself really helped me critique myself during the movements. Enjoy the vlogs.

I’ve had a two month break off from Weightlifting but I’m itching to get back after I recover from the Flu. During the end of the Catalyst Athletics Starter Plan I managed to increase my strength and feel more confident in the lifts but I’ve got a mountain to climb in terms of the technique.

Planning to book on to the Weightlifting Instructor course by the end of this year.

Enjoy the Vlogs!

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I Learn to Lift – Olympic Weightlifting Series | Personal Trainer Richmond

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